Corniche Gold, the mandatory annual support contract for Corniche users, is one of the best in the business. In the event of a major failure, it guarantees 24×7 emergency access to one of the partners of Megasol Technologies for fast resolution of issues. Under more normal circumstances it provides virtually unlimited access to Megasol technical staff – the software designers and programmers, technical writers and trainers – in your normal office hours for setup assistance, operational advice and training. Corniche Gold also guarantees that you will always be on the latest version of the software and it is our technical staff who will perform the upgrade outside of your normal office hours.

Corniche is updated at least six times per year. Each new release is a mix of new functionality, productivity and usability adjustments to existing functionality, and the introduction of new interfaces to third party services such as card processors or data providers. Corniche is customer-driven. Each new release incorporates the operational advances and changes requested by our customers as they jointly drive forward what is possible in banking and financial management.

Setup and training are carried out over the internet using best-of-breed tools. Using GoToMeetingTM, Megasol staff train the trainers who in turn teach their staff members. In the event that any issues arise, they are reported and managed using Megasol’s web-based IssueTracker application. A similar application, TransMate, allows clients to adjust language packs and add new ones to meet their needs.