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Digital assets

Digital assets are anything that is expressible as binary data and which is self-contained, uniquely identifiable, and has a quantifiable and exchangeable value.

In the early days, digital assets might include digital recordings – music, ebooks, movies and so on – all recorded and copyrighted as financial assets with a value.

Blockchain and its central ledgers allows fast access to irrefutable proof of authenticity, ownership, and transaction history of a digital asset over a globally connected computer network – the internet.

Corniche stores and allows transactions to be performed on financial assets with a valuation. Apart from straight-forward deposits and withdrawals, Corniche can pay or earn interest, can charge fees, and can take a profit margin in exchanges.

Corniche API can permit linkage to ledger-based services, allowing the relevant data to be translated into asset positions and portfolio statements.

Quick facts

  • Digital currencies and commodities
  • Fiat to digital exchanges
  • Personal, Joint or Corporate accounts