Banking services / Sales finance

Sales finance

The online market place has grown exponentially over the last few years and offers many business opportunities to financial institutions which want to support retailers by taking care of the collection of payments for goods or services purchased.

Any online checkout can be integrated with Corniche, thus providing excellent payment options for the end-customer:

  • direct invoices for single purchases,
  • monthly invoices for multiple purchases.
  • or part-payment solutions where the customers can divide the purchases into smaller repayments.

The Internet of Sales Things

Few people in the developed world do not make small and big-ticket purchases with on-line retailers. And old, well-known brands have created online stores where their well-known products are sold with virtually no intervention by sales staff.

Billings for these sales can now be automated through the use of intelligent banking systems. Corniche is used by large online and catalogue retailers in just this way to cut costs and develop a flexible shopping surface for their online customers.

Quick facts

  • True multiple currency
  • Flexible interest settings
  • Variable term periods
  • Direct invoices
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Part-payment accounts