Banking services / Consumer loans

Consumer loans

Corniche serves many providers of loans – including those offering pay-day or short-term loans, trade or purchase financing, and small business loans. Links to credit checking companies and to print bureaus allow the automation of many loans end-to-end.

The Loans industry is highly competitive and providers want to differentiate their offerings. Corniche helps:

  • Robust API to allow custom client-facing front-ends to communicate with and update the back-office.
  • Integrations with 3rd party service providers for identity and credit checking, for repayments document production, and for debt collection services

Every loan is different

While it is normal to offer loans with pre-determined periods and rates of interest, one size does not fit all, and your market will have a big say in the kinds of loans you need to offer.

You do not want to grow your staffing to manage a significant loans portfolio. And you still want to be able to meet special needs.

By interfacing with third parties with special skills, pre-loan identity, address and credit checking can result in automatic loan decisions.

And during the life of the loan, automation of the print and debt collection cycles can all be achieved leading to a slimline loans workforce with real hands-on.

Corniche is a market-leader in our loans industry because of its power and flexibility.

Quick facts

  • True multiple currency
  • Flexible interest settings
  • Personal, Joint or Corporate accounts
  • Variable term periods