Banking services / Payments


One of the primary purposes of a banking system is to facilitate payments between individuals and organizations.

Corniche provides you with support and services for both internal and external payments.

  • Payments between your customers.
  • Payments in favour of your customers received from banks or other payment institutions.
  • Payments by your customers to persons or organisations at other banks or other payment institutions.
  • Direct debit payments from linked accounts in other banks.
  • Incoming payments, whether entered manually or arriving through a third-party interface, can be automatically reviewed and posted to client accounts.

Corniche supports many payments systems through API integrations. As an example, SEPA and ISO 20022 services are effected through access partners.

Compliance and reliance

Today’s world requires extraordinary emphasis on ensuring that any payment meets local and international governmental scrutiny.

Many banks have been down-sized because of running afoul of law and resulting regulations to do with payments. For you, the fallout can mean lost client markets, regulatory fines, and an unwillingness by correspondents and others to do legitimate business because of risk.

And yet professional help is available. From account creation to payments analysis, third-party compliance services can be integrated with Corniche to audit and even drive the processes.

Quick facts

  • Internal multiple currency payments
  • Integration to national payment infrastructure
  • Flexible fee earning