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Savings accounts

A savings account in its simplest form is just an account which pays interest to your client at some period and interest rate and on some balance.

Corniche savings accounts offer interesting features which allow your product offering to be different when compared with your competitors.

  • Add “call” functionality to manage the notice a client must give in order to withdraw money.
  • Allow but limit the number of free debits and credits during a period.
  • Lock funds in savings accounts as collateral for loans given.

Encouraging prudence in these times – account sweeping

Corniche savings accounts are an invitation to customers, and particularly personal clients, to put some funds aside for a rainy day and yet still have access to those funds in an emergency.

Mechanisms within Corniche permit periodic movement of funds from current accounts to savings accounts – just like standing orders, but based on account balances and limits rather than a predetermined period.

And it is also possible to move excess funds over some limit that the customer has specified. For example, your customer may only wish funds up to a specific balance to be held in the current account to support card purchases. Any excess can be moved to savings accounts through sweeping.

Quick facts

  • True multiple currency
  • Flexible interest settings
  • Personal, Joint or Corporate accounts
  • Internal transfers