Banking services / Current accounts

All banking starts with current accounts

Corniche offers a wide range of features to help quick-start your banking services with current accounts. They are the entry and exit points for customer money coming in and going out.

Whether it is just a simple transactional account or a more advanced setup with loan and overdraft limits, holds and guarantees, Corniche has what you need.

A wide range of account fees and charges, transactional or periodic, can be applied, either on transactions or balances, to ensure that your costs for providing the services are covered. And you can vary the fees and charges based on the personal or business circumstances of each of your customers.

You can provide unique services such as sweeping the current account to remove an excess balance across to a savings account where it can earn better interest for the client while contributing a larger sum to your cash investment pool.

Alternatively, you can top-up a current account from a savings account automatically if its balance falls below a specified threshold.

Quick facts

  • True multiple currency
  • Flexible interest settings
  • Personal, Joint or Corporate accounts
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Internal transfers including FX
  • Payments
  • Standing orders
  • Direct debit
  • Linked cards
  • Flexible fee system