About us

Based in the university city and technology center of Uppsala, Sweden, Megasol Technologies and its associated companies have been producing advanced financial systems since 1986. We take great pride in producing well designed, highly flexible software having introduced the first over-the-counter PC-based banking and online banking system with advanced features such as multiple entity management, true multiple currency support, secure messaging and document storage.

Our product advances are driven by research, by market demand, by the individual suggestions of Megasol technology users and by the amazing team of Megasol professionals around the world. We take pride that an international clientele with differing needs contributes to the ability of our company to deal with the unexpected. And when a service based on our products wins an international award for one of our clients, we are quietly pleased to have helped that client realise its dreams and be recognised for its services.

Put quite simply, we produce the best, highly flexible financial software for the most unique, dynamic and demanding small to medium sized companies in the financial industry. If your organisation fits that description, why not give us a call to test drive Corniche.