Platform / Powerful API

Powerful API

Every function in Corniche is exposed through our Corniche API and everything is fully documented and open. The API’s we are using to build the applications within Corniche are the same API’s which are made available for partners and customers to do integration.

How you extend the functionality of Corniche into your business is limitless

  • Build your own front-ends

    • Use our Branch concepts to develop or use your own existing customer interfaces for your different customer types

    • Your web app look and feel is important in reinforcing customer recognition – own your look and feel

  • Build your own back-ends

    • One size does not fit all – if you use or require special, unique back-office services, use Corniche API to integrate them.

  • Integrate with third parties

    • If you offer services based on third-party products such as cards or payment gateways, use Corniche API to link them to Corniche

  • Build a seamless platform between Corniche and your other in-house software.

    • A major international travel support organization linked its booking platform to Corniche to manage its financial interaction with its service providers and their clients, each of whom has an account within Corniche.