New global real-time payment system

Megasol Technologies and Unite Global join forces to develop the next generation of global interbank real-time payment system.

Megasol and the founding partners of Unite have worked together in various payment projects for the last 15 years and will now use that experience to build a new, future-proof infrastructure that banks can use to transmit and clear payments between each other in real-time.

“The topic is really hot at the moment! Governments, banks and new fintech companies are using alternative technologies to compete with each other to create new infrastructure that will replace old payment systems where cross-border and even domestic payments can take days to reach their destination.” says Erik Bergström, Chairman of Unite.

Mårten Törnquist, President of Megasol, is really excited about the project stating “This is something I have been waiting to build for a long time. It has the potential to change the way payments are made – and that will affect every person in the world positively. With this infrastructure in place, applications can be built to replace the old-fashioned chain payments – everything  from traditional credit card payments to the settlement of large cross-border payments in seconds without any counter party risk”

The first version of the payment system is planned to go live Q2/2020 within a group of selected banks.