CornicheNet Online Banking

CornicheNet, the online banking component, offers a rich environment which allows a client to self manage both profile and accounts, including the creation of sub-users with specified rights. Clients may move funds, make investments, schedule and make payments. They may examine portfolio and statement information and sign multi-signatory transactions, and may exchange messages securely and access both news and FAQ’ s. The application can be managed by settings in the back-office and may be customized to manage client activities in line with business, legal and financial policies.

Profile and Accounts Your clients may manage their account profile including changes to contact details, opening new accounts, renaming existing accounts, creating sub-users with permission to access to specific accounts, examining statements and the account portfolio, and apply for loans. Back-office settings determine just how much freedom your client is given and what sensitive elements must be supervised and authorised by staff.

Transfers and Payments Clients may transfer value between own accounts and make payments to others either directly within the bank or, indirectly, through cheques or wire transfers or by loading debit cards. Payments may be created as standing orders which are to reoccur periodically. Payments may also be exchanged with certain popular digital currency and commodity exchanges. An escrow system is provided so that clients in a buyer/supplier relationship can manage a simple sales transaction through the delivery and payment cycle.

Document repository Clients may scan and upload documents for storage in the repository. Documents could support due diligence, provide additional transaction information or could be stored just for safe-keeping.

Messaging Built-in encrypted messaging services ensure secure communications with your client. Messages can be exchanged between a client and other clients if you authorise it which, for example, allows an agent to keep in touch with clients whom the agent has referred.

Other services CornicheNet provides a host of other services including but not limited to currency and loan calculators, public holiday notifications, calculators, news and FAQ’s.