Screenshots - Corniche features
  • ➔ Corniche supports unlimited currencies. Default exchange profit margins can be applied to each currency and sets of pointers determine which general ledger accounts will be updated when certain automated accounting tasks are carried out. Commodities can be currencies and a wide range of physical measures is built into Corniche such as Troy Ounces, Grains, Barrels. Using the optional Commodity Exchange module, Corniche can be used for commodity broking and for managing client physical or digital commodity purchases.

  • ➔ The Corniche reconciliation feature allows correspondent or broker accounts to be reconciled when statements are received. But we recognized that our clients might want to reconcile any general ledger account against a set of source transaction documents or a list in statement format. And so we built in the capability for any ledger to be reconciled and the results of reconciliation locked. When combined with the advanced selection criteria and the ability to hide already reconciled items, accounting staff will find Corniche reconciliation to be fast and efficient.

  • ➔ Corniche features true multiple currency accounting. Although wizards ease the entry of the most complex transactions, old-fashioned posting through journals is still an integral feature of the system if required. Accounting staff can create station journals – single currency postings. These are combined into a Day Journal in which a mix of transactions in many currencies for the same date can be seen. Of course, every currency’s transactions must balance. The Day Journal can be viewed in a number of ways – from a client transaction perspective, from a master account perspective, from an automatic fees perspective and so on. And of course, even at this stage, documents such as invoices or faxes can be scanned in or uploaded to add perspective to transactions.