Application Standard Hosted
Manage multiple financial entities. Option Option
Unlimited currencies. Option Yes
Support for commodities as currencies for brokerage services. Yes Yes
Document repository for storage of scanned documents. Yes Yes
Linkage of stored documents to application objects. Yes Yes
Built-in Diary and Task Management systems. Yes Yes
Microsoft SQL Server data storage support. Yes Yes
Crystal Reporting engine support. Yes Yes
General ledger Standard Hosted
True multiple currency general ledger. Yes Yes
Default or From/To margins for FX transactions. Yes Yes
Financial statements for internal, public, group and jurisdiction reporting. Yes Yes
Strong transaction type control to reduce posting errors. Yes Yes
Optional pre-load of monetary value to a transaction type. Yes Yes
Service fees/charges attachment to any client transaction type. Yes Yes
Fully automatic journal reversal or deletion with audit trail. Yes Yes
Consolidated report designer for one-off GL-based reports. Yes Yes
Banking Standard Hosted
Customer accounts in any currency/commodity. Yes Yes
Current, saving, deposit, loan, call, CD and commodity account classes. Yes Yes
Up to 100 client bank account type variations in each account class. Yes Yes
Unlimited number of account holders. Yes Yes
Interest may be none, fixed, variable or banded on balance ranges. Yes Yes
Flexible service fees structures by account type or customer. Yes Yes
Support for commissions to Certified Professional Intermediaries (Agents). Yes Yes
Simple wizards hide the complexity of initiation or review of client transactions. Yes Yes
Automatic notifications in multiple languages keep client and staff involved and informed. Yes Yes
On-Line Banking Standard Hosted
Fully multiple currency. Yes Yes
Optionally allow existing clients to open new accounts without intervention. Yes Yes
Optionally allow sub-users to view accounts as “read-only”. Yes Yes
Clients may effect inter-account payments in real-time. Yes Yes
Clients may order and track wire transfers and bankers drafts. Yes Yes
Optionally allow clients to purchase term deposit products without intervention. Yes Yes
Clients may create periodic standing orders for payments and transfers. Yes Yes
Clients may use an escrow system for client-to-client transactions. Yes Yes
Clients communicate with the bank via an encrypted message system. Yes Yes
Optionally allow new clients to enroll online. Yes Yes
Cards Standard Hosted
Integrate with third party debit and credit card provider. Custom Custom
Load/unload value to/from cards. Yes Yes
Make payments between cards. Yes Yes
Integrated statements. Yes Yes
Commodity Exchange Standard Hosted
Commodities are treated as currencies. Yes Yes
Digital commodities are fully supported. Yes Yes
Control of physical storage of warehoused commodities. Yes Yes
Optionally allow clients to purchase coin/bar products for physical delivery. Yes Yes
Connection to third-party digital bullion resources. Custom Custom
Task Manager Standard Hosted
Unlimited tasks with unlimited steps per task. Yes Yes
Group or user handling of task steps. Yes Yes
Task document mark-up and annotation. Yes Yes
Assignment of priorities to tasks. Yes Yes
Personal task management console – My tasks. Yes Yes
Merchant Payments Standard Hosted
Fully multiple currency. Yes Yes
Defined payment currency or list of accepted currencies. Yes Yes
Client identification. Yes Yes
Payment processing from client to merchant. Yes Yes
If successful, credit merchant and debit client. Yes Yes
Transaction status notification to client and merchant. Yes Yes
CornicheAPI Standard Hosted
Fully multiple currency. Yes Yes
Create and maintain clients. Yes Yes
Create client accounts (within class created by bank). Yes Yes
Enquire on client account balances within authorised account classes. Yes Yes
Post transactions to accounts within authorised account classes. Yes Yes
Post transactions to the general ledger. Yes Yes
Charge fees for use of API transactions. Yes Yes