SaaS Service

Megasol Technologies provides use of its Corniche applications running on powerful Megasol servers through a flexible but highly secure SaaS service which allows clients to remotely operate the application as though it were on local servers. Our SaaS solution eliminates the hiring of costly technical staff, guarantees worldwide accessibility for mobile staff, makes branch operations simple to put into place, and ensures that users are always operating on the latest version of the application.

Our server farms are located in Stockholm and Amsterdam. They have direct, redundant access to the European internet backbone ensuring very reliable, high-speed connections. Megasol utilises state-of-the-art servers, RAID disk arrays and 24×7 hardware status monitoring to eliminate downtime and maximize performance. Dual layer firewall protection ensures that data is secure from attack.

Megasol provides a standard level of service to which additional higher service levels can be added in a simple upgrade process designed to meet the needs of all organisations, from start-up to mature. We provide:

Standard base: Designed for start-ups who need a bit of help as they attract and build a solid clientele, the base Corniche system offers support for unlimited currencies, 1000 customer and 20 back-office users.

Powerful online banking is included. Automatic system notices can be sent through SMS if you have an SMS account with supported providers, keeping your clients in the know, minute to minute. Scandinavian SaaS users can take full advantage of the Autogirot and Plusgirot system for interbank connections and for local payments. And upgrade of SaaS services is available at any time through add-on packs.

Growth packs: Designed to allow an organisation to grow at its own pace at the lowest possible cost, these add-on packs provide support for more currencies, more active clients and more back-office staff.

Service packs: Designed to allow an organisation to tailor the SaaS service environment, these packs provide for higher guaranteed service availability (99.8% SLA), additional backup scenarios, data replication, e-mail and web hosting.

Corniche is designed to support successful market leaders in private and offshore banking, building a solid and loyal client base based on outstanding services. Through add-on packs, Corniche provides for unlimited growth at a known, fixed affordable monthly fee. Discounts are available for group companies.

Special needs? We can provide mirror site capabilities with dynamic DNS support so that in the event of catastrophic failure your operations keep going from another location.