Corniche Banking System

For more than 15 years, Corniche has brought superior functionality and flexibility to financial institutions and wealth managers. Megasol’s design philosophy is simple – from a single application, provide multiple customisable solutions.

True multiple currency accounting
True multiple currency accounting in which each currency has its own ledger structure consolidated to a reporting currency with IFRS compliance is standard. Inter-currency positions are automatically maintained, and both your balance sheet and income statement can be presented with full details of the consolidation.

Commodities and digital currencies
Commodities can be treated as currencies allowing use of the system as a commodity broking platform. Digital currencies and digital commodities for both storage and interchange are fully supported. Exchange rates can be imported from an external data service or can updated manually. Creating your own e-currency has never been easier!

Use unlimited storage for due diligence records such as transaction sourcing, personal identity documents, employment, bank references, addresses, and for documents associated with these records. Optionally, you may attache Corniche to third-party verification services for watch and address checking and similar functionality.

Client account classes
Corniche features a full range of normal bank account classes together with further special types. These include current, money market and savings accounts, call accounts, term deposits and CD’s, loans, commodities accounts and securities accounts. Corniche is particularly strong in the short-term loans market such as pay-day loans. In addition, non-posting memo accounts are also supported and may be used for a variety of functions such as displaying debit card statements.

Client escrow payments
Corniche customers typically have clients who know and trade with each other – sellers and buyers. Corniche offers a simple escrow system which allows the parties to self manage the sales cycle from initial agreement to undertake a transaction through to delivery and payment.

Interest processing
Fixed and variable interest rates are supported, as are flexible banded interest schemes in which the type and rate of interest to be paid or charged will vary depending on the balance of the account attracting interest. You can easily offer structured investment products in which the length of investment and the banded interest are predefined and your client can then invest in the deposit product with no staff intervention required.

Fees and charges
A wide range of fee earning opportunities on all financial services are available. Accounts can attract opening, monthly or special periodic fees. Debits or credits transactions can incur charges and a number of free debits and/or free credits per month may also be specified. Multiple special fees and charges can be attached to any transaction and will be automatically billed during posting. If desired, debit advices can be printed for any fees assessed.

Agents and commissions
A powerful compensation system which splits commission payment between multiple levels of agents is standard. Commission payments may be actual amounts or percentages of transaction amounts or account balances. Commissions may be defined in ranges so that the commission payable varies depending on the range into which a transaction amount or account balance falls.

Document repository
Corniche provides the ability for both back-office and clients to scan and upload documents for attachment to transactions or for storage in the repository. Documents could support due diligence, provide additional transaction information or could be stored just for safe-keeping.

Built-in encrypted messaging services secure communications between a client and your back-office message groups such as Accounting or Customer service. Messages can be exchanged between a client and other clients if so authorised which, for example, allow an agent to keep in touch with clients whom the agent has referred.